Be a part of the Linked UP Church staff. If you find a position appealing, feel free to email your resume.


Be a part of the Linked UP Church staff. If you find a position appealing, feel free to email your resume.

Linked UP Church is Now Hiring! 

General Requirements for All Positions:  Must be a Christian;  Must be or become a member of Linked UP Church. Must love God and people. Must have an active prayer and Bible study life. Must be committed to living according to Biblical moral standards. Must be involved in church-wide prayer, community, and fellowship events.

Job Title

Job Description

Senior Administrative Assistant

Seeking a qualified candidate to provide event/project and administrative support for Creative Arts Ministry and Media Dept.  This candidate will provide administrative and event/project coordinating support to multiple interactive departments (Young Adult, Worship Arts, & Media).

Salary Range:  Full time $50,000+/year

Experience and Knowledge Required & Position Expectations:

  • 5+ years of experience in administration, project management, or event management
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Clear communication skills
  • Efficient with time management and delegation.
  • Acumen for quality data entry and people management systems.
  • Effective leadership skills
  • Advanced office procedures, including filing systems, record keeping systems, and reporting formats
  • Proficiency with major Microsoft Products (especially Microsoft Word, Excel, Planner and Teams)
  • Effective problem-solving skills
  • Plans and organizes work, schedules, and procedures.

Position Expectations:

  • Maintain calendar, scheduling, and timeline of requests, events, appointments of lead Minister.
  • Project and event management as assigned
  • Creative contributions for events, marketing, and efficiency of processes.
  • Attends some team meetings, records minutes, and creates a summary of the meeting, highlighting the significant issues, distributing meeting minutes and documents, as assigned.
  • Schedules resources such as people, meetings, conference rooms, equipment, and technology support for events as assigned.
  • Able to carry on several simultaneous assignments, with close attention to schedules, details, and deadlines.
  • Collaborate with team members and create SOPs
  • Works independently, with little direction while exercising good judgment and foresight
  • Works independently with confidential, privileged, sensitive records, materials, and information.
  • Graciously and effectively lead, train, and developing volunteers.

Facilities Tech

Seeking a candidate to promote and assist with the maintenance needs and utilization of the Facilities Department of Linked UP Church.

Salary Range:  Part Time $48,000+ per year

Experience and Knowledge Required:

  • 1+ years of building maintenance experience
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Self- Motivated
  • Basic working knowledge of electrical, plumbing, carpentry, HVAC and basic construction is preferred.
  • Must be able to meet set & achieve goals
  • Must possess basic computer skills
  • Ability to follow detailed instructions and complete tasks
  • Ability to maintain good attitude in difficult situations
  • Must be able to work under pressure
  • Must possess a willingness to continually learn
  • Must be willing to work with and assist other departments
  • Must have knowledge of health safety, and environmental laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Must be able to pass an extensive background and drug screening test.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Must be in reasonably good physical condition, able to lift 50+ pounds, walk/run some distances without hinderance.


Essential Functions & Responsibilities:

  • Assist with coordinating and conducting building evaluation and inspections
  • Work closely with Facilities Manager and Department Leads
  • Work closely with Linked UP Security to help run all facets of Facilities
  • Understand fire alarm systems.
  • Complete all work tickets in a timely manner.
  • Responsible for making sure as best possible everything is in working order for services, events, and conferences

Social Media Coordinator

Seeking Social Media Coordinator.  This candidate will be responsible for initiating social media strategies and timelines for services, departments, special events, and conferences. He or she will create content, be responsible for finding and moderating stories of organizational life change to share on video and social media. This person will collaborate with teams to establish best social media marketing strategies.

Salary Range:  Part Time $30,000+, semi-remote

Experience, Knowledge and Ability Required:

  • Experience promoting a brand or organization with social media (including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Writing and editing experience
  • Experience leading & managing volunteers.
  • General knowledge of design concepts with a acute awareness for current trends and techniques
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines
  • Ability to work as a team player and discuss needs, challenges, and ideas
  • Ability to think ahead, anticipate needs and offer creative solutions
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Proficient photography, videography, and computer skills a must.


Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Liaising between technology and creative departments about marketing strategies
  • Understand the Linked UP Church’s brand, support it, and improve it through all social media networks
  • Managing a Dream Team of volunteers to assist in photography, videography, and moderating for social media and acquiring stories.
  • Connect with departments about potential stories of organizational life change
  • Stay current on social media trends
  • Create content calendar for consistent, relevant, brand aligned social media messaging
  • Writing and editing LUC’s News scripts as it pertains to social media and/or marketing
  • Develop community of online church goers through impactful and personal moderation
  • Producing weekly reports of engagement, effectiveness, and impact.
  • Analyze metrics to develop insights and best practices for digital marketing
    • Copywriter (writes all copy),
    • Graphic Designer
    • Content Planner (strategies and plans the content for reels, stories, posts, etc.)
    • Social Scheduler/Poster (schedules/posts content)
    • Content Curator (cull through photographs, research content ideas, pull quotes, coordinate post creation, could also pull the clips for video editor

Please submit cover letter, certifications, resume, and application to