Be a part of the Linked UP Church staff. If you find a position appealing, feel free to email your resume.


Be a part of the Linked UP Church staff. If you find a position appealing, feel free to email your resume.

Linked UP Church is Now Hiring! 

General Requirements for All Positions:  Must be a Christian;  Must be or become a member of Linked UP Church. Must love God and people. Must have an active prayer and Bible study life. Must be committed to living according to Biblical moral standards. Must be involved in church-wide prayer, community, and fellowship events.

Job Title

Job Description

Security Director

Seeking qualified candidate to manage all aspects of security for Linked UP Church. Areas managed include staff, faculty, student and visitor safety, alarm and surveillance systems, premises security and safety, campus traffic flow, and safety and volunteer background checks.

Salary Range: TBD- Competitive to industry

Experience and Knowledge Required:

• Minimum of five years law enforcement or public safety experience.
• Degree in Criminal Justice or related field preferred
• Proven track record of investigative and supervisory skills
• Ability to quickly learn and excel in the use of technology, including video surveillance systems
• Completion of Dignitary Protection course
• Experience in problem solving, conflict resolution, and de-escalation with troubled individuals
• Ability to handle multiple projects effectively
• Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills
• Proficiency in Word and Excel

Senior Administrative Assistant

Seeking a qualified candidate to provide event/project and administrative support for Creative Arts Ministry and Media Dept.  This candidate will provide administrative and event/project coordinating support to multiple interactive departments (Young Adult, Worship Arts, & Media).

Salary Range:  Full time $50,000+/year

Experience and Knowledge Required & Position Expectations:

  • 5+ years of experience in administration, project management, or event management
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Clear communication skills
  • Efficient with time management and delegation.
  • Acumen for quality data entry and people management systems.
  • Effective leadership skills
  • Advanced office procedures, including filing systems, record keeping systems, and reporting formats
  • Proficiency with major Microsoft Products (especially Microsoft Word, Excel, Planner and Teams)
  • Effective problem-solving skills
  • Plans and organizes work, schedules, and procedures.

Position Expectations:

  • Maintain calendar, scheduling, and timeline of requests, events, appointments of lead Minister.
  • Project and event management as assigned
  • Creative contributions for events, marketing, and efficiency of processes.
  • Attends some team meetings, records minutes, and creates a summary of the meeting, highlighting the significant issues, distributing meeting minutes and documents, as assigned.
  • Schedules resources such as people, meetings, conference rooms, equipment, and technology support for events as assigned.
  • Able to carry on several simultaneous assignments, with close attention to schedules, details, and deadlines.
  • Collaborate with team members and create SOPs
  • Works independently, with little direction while exercising good judgment and foresight
  • Works independently with confidential, privileged, sensitive records, materials, and information.
  • Graciously and effectively lead, train, and developing volunteers.

Please submit cover letter, certifications, resume, and application to