Updated June 1st:

Hello Family –


We are grateful for all of you who continue to pray with us as we develop our strategy for resuming in-person services. For the time being, we will continue offering online-only services, and the building will remain closed until further notice.

As gathering restrictions relax and more information is released, we are developing plans that will protect our congregants following the best guidance available. We agree with President Trump’s mandate pronouncing houses of worship as “essential places that provide essential services.” When we open our doors to resume in-person ministry, we will do so safely with biblical truths at the forefront and protocols that protect you.

Over these past few months, we have been touched by your outpouring of support and resilience as you continue to gather virtually. We want to remind everyone of one certainty – we know that God is with us, and He has already worked this out for our good. With this in our hearts, we can turn to Him today and ask in faith for wisdom and discernment to make the right decisions for Linked UP Church.

The ministry has been diligently enhancing our online broadcasts so that you always feel connected even in this era of social distancing. Our online-only broadcast continues each Sunday at 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM. Visit LinkedUpChurch.com to watch and for more info on virtual classes.

We are always here for you at wecare@linkedupchurch.com.


Pastors Joel & Patricia Gregory



Updated May 15th:

As promised, we wanted to provide a brief update on the reopening status of Linked UP Church.

My wife and I have decided to continue offering online-only services, and the building will remain closed. We do plan on resuming in-person services again in the very near future.

We are constantly in prayer while listening to the Holy Spirit, the government officials, and health experts to provide a re-opening date for you by the end of this month. More than anything, we believe it is our role and responsibility to prioritize your safety and protect your well-being, while still walking in faith and not fear.

The implications of the pandemic have been widespread and will require additional safety measures, logistics, and adjustments to reopen safely. God has already given us the victory! Without question, it is through discernment and knowledge that we have overcome this and will continue to endure.

Our online-only services will continue broadcasting at 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM on our website, Facebook, and YouTube. Please stay tuned to LinkedUPChurch.com and subscribe to our social media pages for updates.

We are still here for you at wecare@linkedupchurch.com


Updated April 24th:

Hello Family and Friends –

Recently, Georgia governor Brian Kemp has permitted worship services to resume. We will continue to support and pray for wisdom for our local, state, and federal leaders as they navigate these uncertain times.

Linked UP Church has decided to continue offering online-only services, and the building will remain closed.

My wife and I will continue to monitor the situation and we plan to provide an update on May 15, 2020. Once a date is established for in-person services to resume, we want to welcome you back only with the utmost care while maintaining safety for everyone. Please stay tuned to LinkedUPChurch.com and follow our social pages for ongoing updates.

If you have prayer requests, please reach out to us at WeCare@linkedupchurch.com. Also, continue to pray over the prayer points below.

We are believing that all is well with your family and loved ones and look forward to being back with you soon.


Updated March 22nd

What Linked UP Church has decided:

Until further notice:

  • Effective immediately, our building will be closed.
  • Sunday services will be online only and broadcasted at 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM. See Facebook, YouTube, and www.LinkedUPChurch.com to view the services.
  • Saturday Morning Prayer service is postponed.


What our Linked UP Family can do:

  •  Set a reminder to watch. Watch the services online and invite others so that we can continue to share in the Word of God.
  •  Stay connected. Stay connected through your Connect Groups by calling to check in on each other or meeting virtually.
  •  Pray. Following the prayer points below, we ask that you pray for:
    •  Wisdom for our president, state and local leaders, and the national COVID-19 taskforce.
    •  Individuals who are leading the charge in all medical fields and that that testing kits, vaccines, hospital spaces, ventilators, and other life-saving equipment is available.
    •  Healing and speedy recovery for all impacted by the virus.
    •  A decrease in the number of new cases and that ultimately no new cases arise.
    •  Linked UP Church members to not suffer any loss from this virus. We will remain whole!
    •  The Body of Christ and its leaders to draw closer during this time and lead with unity.

For ongoing updates, please check www.LinkedUPChurch.com and follow us on our various social media platforms.