Why 40 Days?

God considers 40 days a significant time period spiritually:
  1. God transformed the earth via Noah and the 40 days of rain.
  2. Moses was with God 40 days on Mt. Sinai receiving the 10 commandments.
  3. The Spies spent 40 days in the promised land.
  4. David was transformed by Goliath’s 40-day challenge.
  5. The city of Nineveh was transformed by Jonah’s 40 days of preaching.
  6. Jesus was empowered for ministry after 40 days in the wilderness.
  7. The Disciples were transformed by spending 40 days with Jesus after the Resurrection.

How to get involved:

A Connect 40 group is simply a group that will meet during the 40 days of community. The group can be just you and your family, or a small circle of friends. We have created curriculum that will be distributed to all who sign up.  Register to receive a packet below.

HOST Means:

  • H – Have a group
  • O – Open your home (home, starbucks, or resturant)
  • S – Serve a snack
  • T – Talk it out


There will be several serve projects that will be available for the entire church to sign up to do.  In addition if you and your group of friends have a project you’re are passionate about just let us know.

  • Saturday, October 19th – Reflections of Trinity
  • Saturday, October 19th – Powder Springs Elementary
  • More will be added soon.

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