Connect 21 – Day 3 (ABIDE IN HIM)

We want to be ready when Jesus returns, but what are we supposed to do?  Here is the answer: Be with Jesus every day. If we have been conscious of living in the Lord’s presence day by day, then we are abiding in Him. If we measure our words and our daily walk to be pleasing to Him, then when He returns we will not be ashamed and His coming will be the return we’ve been looking for.

Abiding in Him, the Apostle John gently reminds us, is demonstrated by the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit producing a changed life. As we live with Jesus, there is an unmistakable proof of our being with a righteous and loving Savior. That proof is “that everyone who practices righteousness is born of Him” (1 John 2:29). The profession of our faith in Christ is proved by the pursuit of the practice of righteousness. It is in this daily pursuit that we have confidence in the day of His coming and in knowing that there is no shame for those who “abide in Him.”

Application For The Day:

Does your pursuit and practice of righteousness demonstrate to yourself and others that you’ve been with a righteous savior?  If not, make the necessary adjustments today.

Prayer For The Day: 

Father God, as I abide in You, I’m confident that the Holy Spirit will help me practice righteousness on a daily basis resulting in a changed life, in Jesus’s Name.

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